About DIUP

    Daffodil International University Press (DIUP) is the publishing department of the Daffodil International University with a promise to facilitate and publish impactful books, digital contents and journals from Bangladesh and beyond.

    Among the private universities in Bangladesh, Daffodil International University is the first to start a publishing department following the footsteps of the world’s leading universities. DIUP will help the promising writers and researchers from DIU and other universities of home and abroad to publish their work for international visibility.

    DIUP will guide its writers throughout the process of publishing their work. It will publish in any language in any format. Flexibility without compromising the quality is the core promise of the DIUP.

    Every writer and researcher will get services from the DIUP regarding:

    -Marketing, and
    -Promoting their books/articles.

    DIUP can also help to plan the contents of a book.

    DIUP welcomes manuscripts and ideas on the following categories:

    -Fictions (any kind)  
    -Non-fiction books/articles
    -Text books for the students of Bangladesh and beyond
    -Digital books (for online publication) whenever appropriate.

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